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Bee Related Videos

These are a selection of the best bee related videos available on the internet, mostly on You Tube.

The first seven have been contributed by branch members and we hope to add to these over the coming years. 

Have a look, because if a picture paints a thousand words, moving pictures do so much more! 

marked queen
 Marked & Clipped Queen

1] Finding, Marking & Clipping a Queen

This short video was taken by Sevenoaks Member Sarah Rapley at her Apiary in late spring 2012.

 Click on: Queen Marking [6.5 mins]


Inspection of Hives at the Apiary of Sevenoaks Member, Sarah Rapley

Nick Withers our Retired Bee Inspector was invited to look through several of Sarah's hives on Sunday 8th July 2012. Have a look at these two videos. 

2] In her WBC 1 Hive: Nick checked over a recent swarm which had been re-housed. Click on: WBC1 [10 mins]





Queen Cell
 Queen Cell

3] In her WBC 2 hive: in splitting the 2 brood boxes we found Queen cells and thought initially the old queen had swarmed, but see how the tale unfolds as each frame is inspected. Click on: WBC2 [30 mins]


Barr Wood Apiary
 Barrwood Apiary

4] Beekeeping at Barr Wood Apiary.

Download these videos to watch recent meetings at Barr Wood Apiary. Barr Wood 2013 [30 mins] & Barr Wood 2009 [9 mins]



Swarm Catcher
Swarm Catcher

5] Collecting a Swarm in a Bottle! Intrigued?

If you have a swarm at high level, say greater than 5m up, then if you open this link to a 6 minute video you will see a somewhat humorous method of successfully collecting a swarm from a Holly Tree some 7m above ground level. 7m Swarm [6 mins].


Judd Swarm June 2013
 Judd Swarm June 2013

6] Collecting a Swarm from Judd School.

Here are 3 short videos on collecting a classic swarm on a branch. Judd have had bees in one of their buildings quite high up so they have not interfered with the pupils, but this swarm hanging from a fig tree branch caused quite a stir recently. So when I arrived to collect them I was greeted by an audience of teachers and pupils eagerly anticipating what I was going to do. No pressure then! Fortunately it all went according to plan, and as it was a large swarm only having some of the bees missing my skep, I consider it to be only a minor mishap!  A few days later a 2nd swarm emerged and as I was not available Brian Wood shows his approach to swarm collecting. Click on these links to view:

Judd Swarm 1; Judd Sarm 2; Judd Swarm 3. Judd 2nd Swarm


7] Oxalic Acid Treatment.

Oxalic Acid
Oxalic Acid 

The following link should give you all the detail on this method of treating your bees for Varroa: Oxalic Acid [8.38 mins]




Watch these BBC Videos on Breeding Hygienic Bees and the Waggle Dance.

 Click on: Hygienic Bees  4.56 mins Waggle Dance 1.55 mins



Bee with Varroa
Bee with Varroa

Look how the hobbyist beekeeper can breed bees with hygienic tendencies by using some of the ideas in this video: Hygienic Traits 18 mins.



Watch bees fighting varroa themselves.

Life Cycle of Bees
 Life Cycle of Bees

Varroa 1 [9.38 minutes]

Varroa 2  [1.11 minutes]

Click on the following Titles to download these videos:

Life Cycle of Bees [10 mins]

Bees Feeding on Dry Sugar

Life Cycle Of Bees and Varroa Mite[10 mins]


Making Fondant [10 mins]

Making Sugar Candy [5.48 mins]

Sugar / Honey Feed in Re-sealable Freezer Bags

click on: Sugar/Honey Feed

Queen Bee Emerging from Her Cell in an Incubator

A Queen Bee emerging from her cell in the incubator. First she sticks out her tongue hoping to be fed, but just a little later she opens the cell and climbs out.

Queen Emerging [1.50 mins]

Queen Bee Piping

If you have never heard a queen bee piping you will find this video fasinating. Queen Piping

Dance of the Honey Bee.

'Absolutely Stunning' can be an over used phrase but I think this 6 deserves this description. Certainly the slow motion photography makes it charming to watch. Click on: Dance of the Bees 

Beekeeping by Rotation

Most of the Youtube videos on beekeeping are American but this 51 minute video from Gottingen, Germany [with English commentary] puts most beekeeping in the shade for its clinical efficiency. Do not be put off by its length because it is fascinating. Have a look by downloading: Beekeeping by Rotation [51 mins]

Queen Rearing.

These 5 videos should give you all you need to know about queen rearing:

Rearing Queens_ 1_5.AV1  [14.0 mins]

Rearing Queens_ 2_5.AV1  [14.01 mins]

Rearing Queens_ 3_5.AV1  [14.01 mins]

Rearing Queens_ 4_5.AV1  [14.01 mins]

Rearing Queens_ 5_5.AV1  [7.34 mins]

Honey Bees Living Socially in the Hive

Social Bees 1 [10 mins]

Social Bees 2 [10 mins]

Small Hive Beetle

We do not have the Small Hive Beetle in this country yet, but it is widespread worldwide and if you look at these two videos you can see the very good reason why we must prevent its establishment in this country by not importing bees from other countries. Have a look at:

Small Hive Beetle Infestation [10.08 mins]

Small Hive Beetles in Honey Bee Colonies [3.32 mins]

Housing a Swarm using the White Sheet Technique [3.17 mins]

Bait Hives or Swarm Traps

If you wish to expand your colonies or are looking to replace a colony that has died out over the winter, why not try to lure a swarm using a 'Bait Hive'?

When bees are looking for a new site their optimum preferences are:

Entrance between 12.5 cm2 to 75 cm2

Height at 5m to 1m.

South facing. 

At least 300m from their existing site.

A chamber of about 40L [i.e.the size of a Brood Box]. 

It is even more attractive with drawn foundation & some honey.


So, the more of these you can satisfy, the better chance you have of attracting a swarm.

Also have a look for more information on:

Bait Hive [6.5 mins]

Or watch this delightful video of a youngster discussing with her father the bees checking out his recently installed Bait Hive: [3.5 mins] Bait Hive 2  


Top Bar Hive

Top Bar Beekeeping

If the heavy lifting has put you off beekeeping, why not consider the Top Bar Hive? It was originally designed for Africa because of its simple construction and cost. Eight Top Bar Hives can be made for the cost of one of our traditional hives! Interested? Have a look at this informative series of videos which run continously though all 21 entries from constructing the hive to extracting the honey. Click on: Top Bar Hive.

Click on these Titles:

High speed summary of life inside a Top Bar Hive 

Top Bar Hive Design.