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The pictures below show swarms of bees in different locations. If you have a swarm of bees that look anything like these pictures then you need to have them collected as soon as possible by a beekeeper before they take up residence in your roof space, chimney, under tiles or in an outbuilding. 

Swarm on a Branch
Swarm on a Branch at Judd School

This first picture was taken at Judd School and shows a swarm of bees that had occupied one of their buildings and had moved onto a branch nearby, forming this typical lozenge shape. As it was about to move on to possibly take up residence in one of their other buildings, the school wanted them removed before they did so.

Bees on Fence Post
Swarm on Fence Post
Swarm on a Fence
Swarm on Play Equipment 
Swarm in Holly Tree
Swarm in a Holly Tree

If you want to see how they were prevented from doing this, watch how easy they were to capture. Simply click here to watch this short YouTube video.

The very next day they had a 2nd swarm which landed on a bench seat and required a different technique for their collection. To watch click on Swarm 2.


So if you are convinced you have a swarm of honey bees and want them removed to prevent them entering your property, click on this pdf document below, for a list of swarm collectors.

Swarm Collectors-5 (468 KB)
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Colonies/Swarms in Difficult Locations: rather than write an article and as a picture paints a thousand words I have scoured the internet for some appropriate videos which demonstrate colony/swarm removal from difficult situations.

If you click here this guy in Louisiana has set up a channel featuring a bundle of videos, which if you start with this one they will run back to back. They all show some typical recoveries he has made from: inside trees, roofs, inside sheds, porches, tractor tyres, brick pillars, columns, and many, many more locations. He rarely wears a bee suite as his gentle calm approach seem to keep the bees calm as well!!

Collecting a Swarm - See what's involved. (755 KB)
 Click on this pdf document above.
Swarm Collecting Tips-2 (402 KB)
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Bees in Dormer Window
Bees in Dormer Window 
Bees in Farm Roof
Bees in Farm Roof

Removing Bees from Buildings.

Swarm Collecting
 Catching & Housing a Swarm