Sevenoaks and Tunbridge Wells Branch

April to do list.

Start 14 day inspection 

Easing old frames to edges for replacement

Varroa monitoring – and treatment before first supers in place

Super in plenty of time early in the season

First Complete inspection, in shirt sleeve weather

Start with weakest hive

Check Queen/eggs, space to expand, stores ‘til next inspection

Assess temper for later queen replacement.

For strong colonies think about swarm prevention methods.

Here are 2 main methods. Click on:

Pagden Method of Control.

Demaree Method of Control.

+ Other Prevention Methods.



Developmental Period of Egg to:

Queen  16 days,
Worker 21 days

Drone   24 days

Queen Fertility 23+ days

Drone Fertility 38+ days

Click here for more details.

A Worker Bee 

In summer lives only 6 to 8 weeks from the time she hatches as an adult bee

In late autumn the queen lays eggs that develop into workers that live for 4/6 months to survive the winter.

Typical Colony:

50/70,000 bees in mid summer

There will be 1 queen,250 drones, 20,000 female foragers,

30,000 female house-bees,

5,000 to 7,000 eggs, 7,000-11,000 larvae being fed,

16,000 to 24,000 larvae developing into adults in sealed cells.

24,000 larvae developing into adults in sealed cells.

Number of UK Beekeepers.


In the UK there are approximately 44,000 beekeepers looking after around 240,000 hives. They produce 6000 tons of honey per year. Each hive is worth about £400 to the agricultural economy. We produce only 20% of the honey we consume - the rest is imported.


All tips for Membership


Members at Barr Wood Apiary
 Members at Barr Wood Apiary

New Membership runs 1st January - 30th September 2016

There has been a small increase in Branch membership with the numbers increasing from 89 to 91 (63 Registered + 1 Junior and 9 Friends) together with 18 Partner members.

Our membership is roughly in a 5/10 mile radius of Sevenoaks and Tunbridge Wells. A number of our members have been keeping bees for many years, some over 50 years!

For this years' membership, cheques should be made payable to Kent Beekeepers' Association and for the new membership form for 2017 click on the pdf. below:

Membership Form 2017 (680 KB)
 Click the above pdf document

Remember ordinary membership to the Kent Beekeepers Association has the option for Bee Craft magazine subscription, details of which are on the above membership form.