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2017 Honey Show Entries.
 Overview of Honey Show Entries
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For detailed information contact: Honey Show Secretary:     Richard Rose Tel: 01892 653 863
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Below is the schedule and rules for the 2018 Honey Show.
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The venue for our 2017 Honey Show was held at the St Bartholomews Church Hall, Otford, TN14 5PG. on Saturday 16th September. Staging took place from 9.30 to 10.30 a.m and judging was from 10.30 a,m.

Below is a pdf document of photographs of some of the entries in our 2017 show.

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Honey Show Results 2017 (365 KB)
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We had an excellent 2017 Honey Show with a good number of people producing high quality entries. In all, there were sixteen prize-winners, and many of those won multiple prizes.

The cup for the highest number of points went to Paul Abbott, the runners-up were Cliff and Pauline Hayward.One of the new entrants this year was Ashley McCulloch, who decided to follow his father, Bret, into beekeeping as part of his activities for the Duke of Edinburgh Award scheme. Ashley won two first places for six 1oz blocks of wax and for two moulded candles. His honey also won prizes in the novice and two other classes. Paul Abbott took five firsts, including a clean sweep in the two mead classes. Richard Rose got four firsts in the honey classes, including for a frame of comb honey ready for extraction. Cliff and Pauline Hayward managed three firsts in cake and candle classes. Philip Runacres won firsts in two honey classes. Lucy Wigley was this year’s prize honey cake baker; Anthony Brothers won the item of beekeeping paraphernalia class and well done to Margaret Everest, who walked away with a first for her honey in the novice class.                                 Mary Staffurth                                                                         

The Honey Judge's Steward, Elizabeth Birchenough  reports:    

We had a good turnout for the annual honey show with fifteen entrants and 85 entries across the range of classes. John Chapman, was our judge for this year and these are some of his comments:.  

  • Jars and lids must be absolutely spotless. If you wash your jars in a dishwasher, make sure you dry them carefully as you can get residues on the glass. If you use metal lids make sure the thin rubber seal on the inside is clean and not coming loose. There is a danger you could dislodge particles from the seal which will end up on the surface of your honey. Don't overtighten the lids.
  • Several entries in the clear honey classes has started to crystalise, you can warm the honey gently before the show to disperse the crystals.
  • Set honey must be properly solid, the judge will tip the jar, no slumping allowed!
  • Make sure you have been scrupulous about filtering your honey, you will be marked down for specks in your honey.
  • Check the colour of your honey to make sure you are entering the right class, the organiser has a set of coloured slides you can use to confirm your honey colour.
  • For classes where labels are required, the labels need to be firmly stuck down in all corners, and undamaged. You do not have to include anti tamper strips.
  • Check the weight of your wax exhibits. Also check for any damage to the edges of the blocks. When you set the wax, make sure it cools very slowly, this will minimise the ripple effect on the exposed surface.
  • Honey cake is tricky, the honey can darken very quickly, so the cake can look cooked, but may still be slightly under-baked. Make sure you use muscovado sugar, as this really affects the colour of the cake.
  • Using a muffin tin or similar to hold the cup cakes as they cook ensures the cakes are all perfectly circular. Don't overfill the cup cake cases as they are likely to overflow during cooking, which can cause the cakes to sink a bit as they cool. Don't forget the cup cake recipe contains lemon zest which is different to the large cake recipe.           
Honey Show 2017
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