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2016 Honey Show Entries.
 Overview of Honey Show Entries
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For detailed information contact: Honey Show Secretary:     Richard Rose Tel: 01892 653 863
or alternatively Cliff Hayward E-mail:
Below is the schedule and rules for the 2016 Honey Show.
For 2017 the schedule should only be used as a guide as it may be subject to minor changes.  
Honey Show Schedule 2016 (383 KB)
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The venue for our 2016 Honey Show was held at the Otford Village Hall on Saturday 17th September. Staging took place from 9.30 to 10.30 a.m and judging was from 10.30 a,m.

Below is a pdf document of photographs of some of the entries in our 2016 show.

Honey Show 2016 in Pictures (661 KB)
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The Honey Judge's Steward, Sarah Rapley reports:    We had a good turnout for the annual honey show with nine entrants and 64 entries across the range of classes. John Chapman, was our judge for this year and these are some of his comments:.  

  • The entries were of a good standard and quality.
  • One honey entry was in the wrong class
  • He instantly disqualified a cut comb entry because it did not achieve the proper weight . 
  • He really enjoyed the flavour of all of the Kent honey - some were really difficult to rank against one another.  
  • All 3 frames of honeycomb were good.  
  • Submission of framed honeycomb can be any age of frame, however, the fresher the frame, and more recently filled it is, then the whiter the cappings due to the air underneath the wax
  • Local shows have a slightly more lenient judging than the National Honey Show entries, however, the standards required by the National Honey Show should always be bourne in mind
  • The wax classes in particular took patience, and he had utmost respect for those people preparing entries - in particular the 6 x 1oz blocks.

The honey show results were:             Points

Paul Abbott                                              83

Cliff & Pauline Hayward                            44

Sarah Rapley                                           30

Richard Rose                                           29

John Farrow                                            25

Philip Runacres                                       18

Rosie Rapley                                           13

Annette Runacres                                    11

David Davis                                             11

Trophies for 2016 to the following:

Captain Turner Cup                                 Paul Abbot

Inglis Mason Cup                                     Paul Abbott

Wilby Cup                                               Philip Runacres

Bradbury Cup                                         Paul Abbott

Jenner Rose Bowl                                   Annette Runacres

Carter Cup                                              David Davis

Hart Cup                                                 David Davis

Crowther Shield                                      Sarah Rapley


Overall Points Winner

Sloane Challenge Cup                             Paul Abbott

Honey Show 2016
 Honey Entries