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Tasks for


Study for BBKA exams

Go to Branch AGM

Clean  tools and equipment

Sell surplus honey

Leave bees alone


Relax & enjoy beekeeping from outside the hive

Treat colonies with Oxalic acid, once & when minimal brood present

Monitor total mite fall (~2-300)

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News Gadget for Your Website or Blog

A web "gadget" (sometimes called a widget or badge) is a snippet of code that you add to your website to display links to our latest content on your site. It's easy: Just follow the four simple steps below. We'll take care of the rest, automatically updating your site with our freshest content.

Step 1. Choose your preferences

Step 2. Build the links

Step 3. Preview

Step 4. Copy and paste

Copy and paste this code into your site's HTML where you want the links to appear: