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Orpington Branch Newsletter November 2000

Orpington Branch Newsletter November 2000.


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Orpington Branch Newsletter November 2000

A reminder about subscriptions which should have been received by Tony Trinick by now, and which in some cases (including mine) haven't. And don't forget about Gift Aid and your signature to it, please. Another reminder! It is only just over a month to our Christmas Party which is on Saturday December 9th so I hope you are keeping that evening free. Those of you who have been before know what an enjoyable evening Gordon and Jacqui provide for us and I am sure that this year will be just as good , if not better. As last year, the price is £6 per head and tickets will be available in advance so that we know how many to cater for. Please contact Tony Trinick or myself.

Coming up is the National Honey Show and I hope some of you have entered. If you would like, I will deliver and retrieve your exhibits provided they are not too fragile (one year I took some candles which had little ears sticking out from them and they proved a bit of a nightmare). I expect to be going up on the Wednesday afternoon before the show. Even if you aren't exhibiting, it is well worth while going to the show for the lectures and the exhibits, and it is a good place to meet old friends.

Before the Honey Show is our AGM and Harvest Supper, which is on Wednesday 8th November at 8.00pm at Petts Wood Memorial Hall. This is your chance to let the Committee know what you think.. It is usually a very pleasant evening with very few people actually coming to blows!

There doesn't seem to be any more beekeeping news this time, but hornets seem to get a bit of publicity these days. You may remember that in the July Newsletter there was a bit about the way Japanese hornets attack bees to provide food for their larvae. According to newspaper reports, when it has been fed, the larva responds by delivering a drop of liquid feed which provides all the energy that the hornet needs. So the liquid appears to have rather wonderful properties and Japanese scientists have now produced a drink from it, or synthesised from it, that reduces muscle fatigue in the human body, slows the build up of lactic acid and improves the body's efficiency. It worked so well at the Olympic Games that a Japanese woman using it won the women's marathon. I wonder if it might be a good idea to feed it to our bees so that they could collect more nectar? Maybe it would make them more aggressive!

Finally, a 53-year old Cambodian man was stung to death by hornets after he and his neighbour challenged one another to a show of strength by standing under a hornet's nest while the other pelted it with stones. The challenge followed a drinking session. The victim's drinking partner is to be charged with murder.