Kent Beekeepers Association Orpington Branch

Branch Newsletter September 2001

Orpington beekeepers branch newsletter September 2001.



Orpington Branch Newsletter September 2001

By the time you read this, our Honey Show will be imminent and I hope some of you will be able to enter something. I have twelve sets of schedules and entry forms for the show and I would be very happy to get more if required. You don't have to send in your entries in advance, although that does help. You can just turn up with your entries on the morning, or I can enter for you if you like. Just imagine how nice it would be to have one of our cups on your mantelpiece - much better than having it stashed away because no one has won it!

Sadly, creamed honey is not mentioned in the schedule in spite of what I told you earlier. The Show Secretary, Peter Bashford, tells me that since the show complies with the rules of the National, which does not include creamed honey, then ours can't. I will try again later.

I have had an e-mail from James Morton who is writing an article for a beekeeping publication on the effect on beekeeping of this year's Foot and Mouth Disease outbreak. He would be very grateful to hear from anyone who has had problems, what they were, and how they coped with them. Contributions, whether large or small, would be most welcome and any information will be entirely confidential and individuals will not be referred to directly in the article.

Some years ago, I attended a talk, probably at Bromley, on honey pots. It was given by an American who had a shop in Battersea. I was interested to see a recent article in the "Telegraph" about this man and his shop. According to this, in the shop is a five-foot tall glass-fronted hive full of bees, and he drives round the south east of the country looking for sites to place his hives where he can be sure of getting honey from a particular crop. Apart from heather, I didn't think that was possible in this country. The most interesting part of the article for me was that it stated that jars of honey could be from £3.95 to £6.95. Are we selling ours too cheaply?

I have received my schedule and entry form for the National which seems a long way ahead at the moment, but time goes very quickly and it will soon be only a week or so away. If any of you would like an entry form, I can provide a copy.