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Branch Newsletter July 2002

Published 2 October, 2008

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Orpington Branch Newsletter July 2002

A picture of our stand at Coolings, with Kit Erhardt and John Cowley on the left, Hugh Perkins serving and Jim Grierson at the back left talking to someone by the observation hive. We were lucky with the weather although the wind made it a bit difficult to secure the display boards. Financially, it was a success because we sold out of honey but it remains to be seen whether we get any new members; there were a number of people interested and Tony will be following them up. A pleasant surprise was a visit from Caryl Green whom we have not seen for a long time. Another welcome visitor was Shirley Sax whom we only see occasionally.

I couldn’t come to the demonstration by Jean Mozley, but Tony Trinick tells me that a lot of members turned up and had an enjoyable time. You may remember that a few years ago, Jean talked to us about her use of thymol for controlling varroa. According to Tony, Jean now only uses it as a spring treatment and uses Apistan in the autumn. She is currently trying hives without queen excluders since she thinks it stops swarming and produces more honey. She has tried the shook swarm treatment and thinks it very good.

I forgot to mention last time that the tour by Dennis Geoghegan was very successful. In the day, thirty hives were checked and only two cases of chalk brood were found. James Morton has issued an update on the foul brood situation in the south- east and has found so far that there have been fewer cases of EFB than usual, but thinks that this may be due to the bad weather reducing the number of visits by inspectors. Only one case of AFB has been reported, near Horsham.

Don’t forget the Kent Show on Friday-Sunday July 12-14th. July 7th is the last date for entries.

Greg Snell has sent me an extract from “The Times” which reports that bee-rustlers are stealing swarms in an attempt to cash in on the honey shortage and in Devon, three beekeepers have reported nine hives stolen last month. The thieves were in protective clothing and appeared to know what they were doing. I think it was last year that one of our members had a hive stolen and it is a good idea to site your hives as inconspicuously as possible.

Let me know your requirements for Apistan or Bayvarol in good time if you want me to organise it.


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