Kent Beekeepers Association Orpington Branch

Branch Newsletter February 2002

Orpington branch newsletter February 2002 by Frank Chappell.



Orpington Branch Newsletter February 2002

I'm usually very wary about revealing people's ages, especially when a lady is concerned. But I don't think I am taking much of a risk this time since the lady is Marjorie Trenear and she will be eighty years of age on February 7th. As you know, she is still very active in spite of her reduced vision and is still very much involved with the branch. I am sure you will all want to wish her a very Happy Birthday.

A very select group of members turned out for the working party at the Apiary. Although it was cold, it was a lovely sunny day and a pleasure to be out. We had a great time cutting down some of the ivy which was overhanging the hives and then burning it. I hope the changed appearance of the wall did not disconcert the bees too much!

An even more select group attended the meeting at Bromley, when Derek Sleave recounted his experiences on landing in Normandy during the invasion. He started off by giving the background to the operation, going back as far as the preparations for war in 1938, and showing how the commanders, Eisenhower, Montgomery and Rommel became involved. It amazed me how the huge concrete blocks that were required for the Mulberry Harbour could be made and transported to France in complete secrecy. In spite of it happening more than fifty years ago, Derek's memory seems as good as ever, and he was very good at bringing it all to life again.

Our next meeting is on Wednesday February 13th, when James Morton will be coming to tell us what to do now it is certain that some varroa mites have become resistant to Bayvarol and Apistan. So this is rather important. The meeting is at Petts Wood Memorial Hall, the time 8.00pm. Don't forget!

A reminder for committee members - the next meeting is on Friday March 8th at 8.00 pm at Tony Trinick's house.

The KBKA once again needs a Treasurer and a Secretary, both very important posts for such an organisation, so if you feel able to contribute, please get in touch with Peter Baker.

With this newsletter you should get a copy of the programme for the year.
Note that the demonstration at the Apiary is on a Sunday, since Jean Mozley was not available on the Saturday. The date of the Kent Show has been changed to Friday, Saturday and Sunday 12-14th July in the hope that the Sunday opening will result in an increased attendance. So alter your diaries now!

Also note that the Honey Show is back at the hall in West Wickham where it used to be held.

I have been warming some of my set honey and have noticed a big difference from previously. The jars show no signs of the unsightly frosting and when they are warmed no froth appears on the top. I always assumed that this froth came about because air that was dissolved in the honey was released during crystallisation and so bubbled up during the heating. As far as I know, I didn't do anything differently this year so what is the reason? Was there something different about the temperature during storage? Any ideas?

I don't think there is anything more to report.