Kent Beekeepers Association Orpington Branch

Branch Newsletter August 2003

Orpington branch newsletter August 2003 by Frank Chappell.



Orpington Branch Newsletter August 2003

It is a bit difficult to write a newsletter when there isn’t any news and this seems to be the position this month, so this one is going to be rather short.

It is time to prepare to treat for varroa with Bayvarol or Apistan. If you can do it, first test whether your varroa are resistant to them. If you don’t know how to do it, I can probably tell you.

I went along to the Kent Show in the hope that the names of some of our members would appear amongst the entries, but no such luck.

Gordon Harradine is very upset by his bees, having had three swarms from his two colonies. The latest swarm emerged when he was nearby and he heard a roaring noise and saw the bees pouring out of the hive. They settled high up in a tree and could not be reached. A bit later, he saw that they had gone.

I hope you will all be coming to the barbecue at Gordon and Jackie’s house on Bank Holiday Monday August 25th at 5.00pm. It is free but bring along some food to be barbecued and some drink. We are particularly hoping that our new members will join us.

I have heard a rumour that bees may be going on strike. They want shorter flowers and more honey!