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National & Local Beekeeping Suppliers

Published 14 July, 2010

Useful Links to National & Local Beekeeping Suppliers.

Morris Beekeeping - Yalding (http://www.honey-bees-etc.co.uk)

Blue Bell Hill Apiaries (http://www.bbha.biz/)

Thorne Beehive Limited (http://www.thorne.co.uk)

National Bee Supplies (http://www.beekeeping.co.uk)

Maisemore Apiaries (http://www.bees-online.co.uk)

Stamfordham Ltd (http://www.stamfordham.biz)

Park Beekeeping Supplies (http://www.parkbeekeeping.com)

Paynes Southdown Bee Farms (http://www.paynesbeefarm.co.uk)


Bee Proof Suits (http://www.beeproofsuits.com)

B.J.Sherriff (http://www.bjsherriff.com)

Honey Jar Labels

PS Design and Print Ltd (http://www.honeyjarlabels.co.uk/)

Honey Jars & Containers

ColorLites Ltd (http://www.honeyjars.co.uk/)

Freeman & Harding Ltd (http://www.freemanharding.co.uk/)

Harrison Smith French Flint (http://www.frenchflint.com/Food/)

Ampulla Limited (Plastic Buckets (http://www.waterbuttsnbottles.co.uk)

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