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Hard Life

To collect a pound of honey a bee might have to fly a distance equivalent to twice round the world. This is likely to involve more than 10,000 flower visits on perhaps 500 foraging trips.
A worker honeybee in summer lives only 6 to 8 weeks from the time she hatches as an adult bee. Before that, it takes just 3 weeks for her to develop from an egg.

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County Newsletter December 2008

Published 26.Nov.2008, 6:17pm

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Happy Christmas to all Beekeepers and Friends

Your annual subscription was due on 1st October and most people have renewed by now. For those who do not renew by 1st December they cease to be members and lose any insurance cover. The cover you receive is detailed elsewhere in this newsletter. If you think you may have forgotten to renew your subscription then please send it to your Branch Treasurer immediately as the new BeeCraft list is sent off before Christmas. Forms can be downloaded from the Kent Beekeepers’ website.

BBKA Written Examinations
The BBKA Module Exams will be held on 21st March 2009. All eight modules are on offer and each is a 1½ hour written paper. The syllabus and application form can be downloaded from The fee is £18 for each module. Applications to John Hendrie by 31st January please.

National Honey Show
The following Kent Beekeepers won trophies at the National Honey Show:

Peter Bashford NHS Winner 2008
Peter Bashford Bromley branch presented with trophy.

Coronation Cup (Kent) Peter Bashford Bromley Branch
The Frank Crow Trophy Peter Bashford
Barnes Cup Peter Bashford
Hamlin Cup Peter Bashford
Tom Bradford Cup Peter Bashford
The Kent Wax Cup Peter Bashford
Coronation Mead Mazer John Chapman Medway BKA
Commemoration Cup Dr J and Mrs D Cowan Bromley Branch
Vincent Cup Dr. J and Mrs D Cowan
The Harry Grainger Trophy Kit Erhardt Orpington Branch
Smith Cup Claire Joseph Bromley Branch
Plender Cup Claire Joseph

Our congratulations to all the winners.

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