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Hard Life

To collect a pound of honey a bee might have to fly a distance equivalent to twice round the world. This is likely to involve more than 10,000 flower visits on perhaps 500 foraging trips.
A worker honeybee in summer lives only 6 to 8 weeks from the time she hatches as an adult bee. Before that, it takes just 3 weeks for her to develop from an egg.

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Swarms (Public Contacts)

You have a Honeybee Swarm who are you going to call?

J Kemper
Josef removes a swarm from Bargery road SE6

Please use the BBKA Website for local swarm collectors.

The general public should contact our volunteer swarm collectors on the list. You will be asked to supply the exact location of the swarm. Most beekeepers would make a charge for removal of a swarm from your garden depending on travelling distances to cover costs of petrol etc (details of individual charges are beyond the scope of this web page).

Note: Swarm coordinators are often inundated with calls about Bumble Bees but there is nothing a beekeeper can do. It's well worth reading our FAQs and our latest article Tree Bumble Explosion for help and advice.

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