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Hard Life

To collect a pound of honey a bee might have to fly a distance equivalent to twice round the world. This is likely to involve more than 10,000 flower visits on perhaps 500 foraging trips.
A worker honeybee in summer lives only 6 to 8 weeks from the time she hatches as an adult bee. Before that, it takes just 3 weeks for her to develop from an egg.

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British Beekeepers' Association

Published 7.Sep.2008, 6:27pm

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With over 12,000 members the British Beekeepers Association (BBKA) is the leading organisation representing beekeepers within the UK.

Membership is via local associations and their branches or by direct subscription. As a charity (No 212025) the BBKA is managed by an executive committee of trustees which is subject to policy and direction agreed by the annual meeting of delegates of the local associations.

The object of the BBKA is to promote and further the craft of beekeeping and to advance the education of the public in the importance of bees in the environment.

Being a member of the BBKA gives you these benefits:

● BBKA News
● Public Liability Insurance
● Product Liability Insurance
● Bee Disease Insurance available
● Free Information Leaflets to Download
● Members Password Protected Area and Discussion Forum
● Correspondence Courses
● Examination and Assessment Programme
● Telephone Information
● Research Support
● Legal advice
● Representation and lobbying of Government, EU and official bodies

Note: members of the Kent Beekeepers’ Association are automatically members of the BBKA with all benefits.


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jackie smith
22.Apr.2009 5:46pm [ 1 ]

Please can you give me some advice i dont have any knowledge of bees other than they are in decline i have a garden in North London that seems to have alot of bees that appear to be nesting in the ground beneath my newly planted pear tree. I need advice on how to protect the bees and their habitat without putting my family or neighbours at risk i do not want to have them removed unless it is absolutly nessersary as we are trying to encourage wild life in our garden.

Cristescu Paul
1.Feb.2012 8:58pm [ 2 ]

Good day, My name is Paul, I work as a nurse in Saddington, and I would be interested if you need beekeepers for the new season. Or if you know the ineva which would require a beekeeper.

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