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South-East Honey Survey 2010

Download the South-East Honey Survey 2010 by Alan Byham S.E. Regional Bee Inspector.


South-East Honey Survey 2010 (90 KB)
Honey NHS Classes 2009

As usual, I would like to start my report by thanking all the beekeepers that have taken the trouble to respond to my request for honey crop and price statistics. This year the number of responses was similar to last year at 240 which again makes some of the averages sensible. As you can see from the figures below, 94 from the 240 did not give prices for honey but I am still happy to accept the figures and include the average honey take per colony. Some of these beekeepers do not sell any of their honey and may feel they are being excluded from the survey. If this applies to you please just make a note on the form, I’m happy to receive any information you are willing to give.

Alan Byham
S.E. Regional Bee Inspector