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Orpington Beekeepers Website

Published 6.Oct.2008, 4:54pm

Orpington beekeepers go live with their new website

Orpington Beekeepers Website
Screen shot of the homepage.

Getting started on our website was a relatively painless affair.

I still haven't read the manual and I have been able to do everything I wanted to do.  A lot of this is down to the support I have received from Steve, who uploaded some of the newsletters and set up some pages for me to copy which meant that I could look at what he had done and see the effect.

Free printed user manual for the next Kent BKA to take the plunge - contact Steven Turner

The biggest tip I can give is to have both the real website and the editor website open at the same time - then when you make changes on the Big Medium site you can go to your own website, refresh the page, and check that the item you've been editing appears where you expect it to be!!

The other tip is to do with arranging documents - with the Newsletters I wanted them to appear in order with the latest one on the first page... In order to do this I set up a little excel spreadsheet with dates and numbers so that I could easily refer to this when setting the "Priority" for the document which dictates where it appears on the page.... The lower the number, the lower the position...  Steve tells me there's an easier way - but this one worked for me :-)

Uploading documents and photographs to the library for use on the website has been easy too... The key here is to be systematic and know where things are stored on your computer before you go onto the website. In general a systematic approach helps - the more you do one task the easier it is - I think I could upload Newsletters in my sleep now!

Good luck and happy web site building!

Mandy House


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13.Jul.2012 6:05am [ 1 ]

"Hi, I bought a house in Orpington, i have bees in the brick shed, can anyone assist?"

Hi Chris, You need to contact a beekeeper direct, have you identified them as honeybees?

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