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Surrey Beekeepers General Husbandry Course

Published 10.Jan.2016, 7:14pm

Red-Hot Pokers

General Husbandry Course

Beyond the Basic – improving your beekeeping skills

Date: 13th February
Venue: Mitcham (full details will be sent with the booking)
Cost: £25 (SBKA members) £35 (non-members)

This is the first of a two part General Husbandry course is for those that wish to gain further practical training beyond Basic, and those wishing to take the BBKA General Husbandry assessment either this year or sometime in the future. The course content assumes delegates will have two or three years’ experience.

Its aim is:

  • for those using it as final checks before taking the General Husbandry Assessment
  • for those starting out to study and prepare for taking the Assessment at a later date, and
  • for those simply wishing to gain some further training beyond Basic Assessment level, and may or may not plan to take the Assessment at a later date.

The first day is on Saturday 13th February 2016, is classroom based.

  • Describes the relationship of the General Husbandry to the Basic Assessment and to Advanced Husbandry, and the main aspects of the General Husbandry syllabus.
  • Outlines the practical apiary environment expected at General Husbandry level and assessment.
  • Covers the level of competence expected at General Husbandry level in three of the main areas.
  • Swarm control, queen rearing theory, and brood disease inspection and management.
  • There will be hands on demonstrations (without bees) of beekeeping  techniques.
  • Ends with a short quiz.

The main aim for those planning to take the Assessment the following year is for them to be able to assess what further studying and/or revising might be needed over the winter.

The second day will be in the spring, a practical apiary based day, and provides final preparations for those aiming to take their Assessment that year, and to provide an advanced view of expectation for those planning to take the Assessments at a later date or just attending for interest.

To reserve a place please email Sandra Rickwood:

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