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BBKA Basic Exam

BBKA Basic Assessment

We can help you. If you pass we can refund your fee!!

BBKA Basic Exam
BBKA Basic Assessment

This is basic oral and practical assessment that is usually carried out in a local apiary by qualified assessors.

We recommend all beekeepers do it experienced or not so long as you have at least one years experience.

It very satisfying doing it and gives you more confidence.

It is also the requirement for anyone who wishes to develop their knowledge and take either the modules leading to the Intermediate and Senior Theoretical certificate or the practical General or Advanced certificate in Beekeeping Husbandry.

To encourage you to take the assessment and reward your efforts the Kent Beekeepers Association will refund any member who passes the cost of their exam fee.

For further information about the BBKA Exams visit BBKA Exams Links to the BBKA Exam Syllabi (opens in a new window).

How to apply

1) Download application form from BBKA website.
2) Fill in all details required on form.
3) Check closing dates for the exam being entered.
4) Send completed form to Kent Examinations Secretary  1 week  before BBKA closing dates.
BBKA dates:- Basic 31st July any year. 
(applications should be in 1 month before taking the assessment)
Modules, Microscopy and Husbandry closing dates are in BBKA News, website, etc.
5) After checking and listing the form is sent to BBKA before the closing date.
6) Your contact for queries is always the Kent Examination Secretary in the first instance, if necessary she/he will contact the BBKA Examination Secretary.
7) Basic Assessments dates are arranged by the County Exam Sec by consultation with Assessors, applicants and holders of venues, all to be concluded by 31st August.
8) Modules have set dates in March and November and are taken in Kent.
9) Microscopy and Husbandry are arranged directly through BBKA, applications through County Examination secretary.

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