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How Many Bees in a Hive

A hive can contain up to 70,000 bees in midsummer. There will be 1 queen, 250 drones, 20,000 female foragers, 30,000 female house-bees, 5,000 to 7,000 eggs, 7,000-11,000 larvae being fed, 16,000 to 24,000 larvae developing into adults in sealed cells.

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Kent Bee-keepers' Association (KBKA) has thirteen member associations or branches.


Membership 1st October 2015 - 2016
Ordinary membership to the Kent Beekeepers Association with an option for Bee Craft magazine subscription. Members pay their local branch treasurer.

Branch secretaries are now responsible for keeping their section up to date. Contact the webmaster for login details.

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