Gravesend Beekeepers' Association


Spring Inspection

Dear All, 

A big thank you to all who were able to help at the apiary yesterday. 13th April 2014.

Update on the apiary. 

With the working party we were able to clear weeds, plant climbers to grow up the poles,  with rope and netting to be put in place, this will create a natural barrier to the seating area.  The framework for the inspection area for school pupils has been erected and four colonies were inspected and equipment cleaned.  A lot was achieved in an hour and half.


All colonies survived the winter but hive 2 was weak as the queen was old and it was decided that the best option was to unite the colony with the daughter queen in hive 2 a.  

Hive 3. Sadly the queen has died in the last few days but 2 sealed queen cells were found. Both Queens in 2 and 3 were the orginal ones in the colonies kindly donated by Peter Cox from his late father. Hive 3a,  the daughter of hive 3, is doing well. Di and I are going to check hive 1 tomorrow, as time run out on us before the talk by Maurice Field.

Best wishes,