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October 2011 Newsletter

Published 6 October, 2011

Barry Pruning Tree



We are all very sad at Peter’s death. He had been keeping bees since 1947 and his knowledge was immense. He was always willing to lend a hand and was extremely generous with his time. We will all miss his presence and expertise.

Anyone who has been to Kent House Road recently will see that major changes are afoot.  

Firstly, three large poplar trees in the garden of one of the houses abutting the bee garden have been reduced to about 15 ft. in height. This has the advantage of making the bee garden much sunnier. All the wood which is piled up on what was Peter’s allotment site will be burned.

Our plans to replace the fence, add another shed for storage and rebuild the lean-to have been rather overtaken by events. An immense amount of work has already been done to clear the site but there is still a lot to do. Once it has been cleared, we can then think about how we organise it i.e. what goes where, do we retain the pond etc. but I think we need a site which is flexible. I’m sure  everyone has their own ideas; any suggestions gratefully received.

The bees seem to be taking it all in their stride; they have all been treated for varroa and an eye is being kept on their stores. Working parties will be the order of the day for the time being so please keep an eye on the website for updates.

Jenny Spon-Smith

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