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Bromley and Orpington Honey Show Schedule 2016

Published 21 August, 2016

Kent Beekeepers Association Bromley and Orpington Branches 2016 Honey Show Schedule Download

Honey classes judging - 2013 Bromley and Orpington honey show

Show sponsors: Thornes, Bee Equipment, KBS and Northern Bee Books

The 2013 Bromley and Orpington honey show

Saturday 17th September at Emmanuel Church, The Grove, West Wickham, Kent, BR4 9JS.

Staging: 9.00am - 9.45am.

Open to the Public: 10.00am - 4.30pm.

  • Refreshments
  • Honey tasting
  • Competitive classes
  • Fantastic raffle prizes

Two FREE talks in the Hewitt Room:

11:00am Talk: Bumblebees by Nikki Gammans (1 hour)

2:30pm Talk: Foundationless beekeeping using the Rose Method by Mike Elliott (1 hour)

Judge: Michael Badger MBE

Show Secretary: Peter Bashford,
31 Malcolm Rd, Woodside, SE25 5HE.
Tel: 020 8656 7990

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8 September, 2014 9:00pm [ 1 ]

Can you pass this onto Peter Bashford please. I'm a novice and would like to enter my honey. What classes am I allowed to enter into? Regards Rod.

Hi Rod,

You can enter any classes (all open) Please download the schedule and entry form.

Regards, Steve T

June Butt
11 September, 2014 7:09am [ 2 ]

Would like to enter honey, but no entry form or information about show.

Hi June,

The schedule and entry form can be downloaded from the Honey Show tab.

Hope to see you at the show.

Steve T

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