Kent Beekeepers Association Bromley Branch

Talk: Preparing Honey for Sale/Showing

Hosted by Bromley branch a talk about preparing honey for sale/showing on the 9th August 2016. Starting at 7:30pm at the Kent House Road Leisure Gardens, 91a Kent House Road, Sydenham, Kent SE26 5LJ.


Peter Bashford

Peter Bashford, a Bromley Beekeeper who has won numerous prizes over the years at the National Honey Show, is giving a talk about preparing honey for sale.

This should be particularly useful for newer beekeepers, though I’m sure, we could all learn something from this expert. He organises our local Bromley and Orpington Honey Show in September and quite rightly says that if our honey is good enough to sell to others, it should be good enough to be judged at a honey show!

The talk is being held in the allotment hut at Kent House Road Leisure Gardens on Tuesday 9th August 2016 starting at 7:30pm. There is no entry charge. So come along and hopefully this year the number of entries for our honey show (17th September 2016) should be much higher than previous years!

The Kent House Road Leisure Gardens are opposite Woodbastwick Road, 91a Kent House Road, Sydenham, Kent SE26 5LJ.

Ann Blackburn
Orpington Honey Show Rep