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The 2009 Beekeepers Annual is now available at 9.95 post paid from NBB

Published 1 December, 2008

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BKA 2009

The Beekeepers Annual - now in 27th year of publication is the only reference source to the craft that a beekeeper needs, makes the perfect stocking filler for Christmas.

Editor's Foreword John Phipps
Calendar and Diary - With Notes
Year End – Hive/Beekeeping Records
Extensive Beekeeping Directory

The Tenth Cambridge Botanic Garden "Apple Day" Solves a mystery both for Bill Clark and for readers of the 1997 BKA with Long Memories!

Ask Your Bees a Question Steve Taber

Pollen and Bee Breeding John Atkinson NBD

Control of varroasis by means of Non-Poisonous Dusts? Bernhard Mobus NBD

Other Years. Other Problems: British Bees In Peril John Phipps

Isle of  Wight Disease - Extracts from the minutes of the Former Street and Glastonbury Branch of the Somerset BKA

A Brief History of Beekeeping in Great Britain and the USA PJ Chandler

A Little Scotch Pudding
John Kinross. Bee Books New and Old
New Titles from NBB's Catalogue, 2008

To order a copy with a credit card contact Northern Bee Books Tel: +44 (0) 1422 882751

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