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Bromley BKA Evening Apiary Sessions

Published 12 May, 2017

Honey Bee

Wednesday Evening Apiary Sessions, at the Peter Springall apiary, Kent House Road allotments.

Maybe it is warm enough. Maybe it isn't. But from Wednesday 10th May 2017 the evening apiary sessions will be starting up again.

These sessions have three main objectives:

To give beginners “hands on” hive inspection experience, and discover beekeeping developments through much of the active season.
To give recently started beekeepers a chance to ask questions/expand their experience.
To get some apiary maintenance work done.

Starting time is 7pm sharp. We tend to lock the gates around 7.10 pm to maintain allotment security. Weekly attendence isn't expected, but regular attendence can be a distinct aid to developing beekeeping knowledge and skills. Don't turn up if bad weather is forecast. We can't do much beekeeping in a downpour.
Sessions should extend till the end of July.

Bob Jackman & Jenny Spon-Smith.

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